Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What is acceptable??

     I have been bothered greatly by a vast number of things lately.  It seems the more I learn, the less I know.  I truly do love to learn things, any things.  The problem is once I learn something, I cannot "unlearn" it.  The more I learn about our food and the acceptable "things" and methods involved in producing or procuring it, the less I want to leave my own yard!
     At any given time of the day in our home you can hear me exclaim one of two things.  "God bless GOOGLE!" or "GOOGLE is the devil!".  Hahaha!!  The old saying, "Curiosity killed the cat" holds very true when you have a question and GOOGLE has the answer!
     I have searched about the duration animals are pregnant, starting with dogs, then cats, goats, pigs, and cows.  I'm sure I probably checked on other animals along the way, just for curiosity's sake.  I have watched how chickens hatch, different baby delivery techniques, and even how to slaughter and butcher chickens, rabbits, pigs, goats and cows.  I have learned how to make cheese, butter, soap, candles, sock monkeys, laundry detergent and household cleaners.  While some of these things are sadly imprinted upon my memory for all time, the reason I went looking in the first place is much worse!
     My best friend knows I have been bothered by what our society finds not only acceptable to eat, but preferable in many cases.  On Facebook the other day, she posted this for me...

I literally almost gagged!  We have not eaten a fast food burger in over a year.  I had watched "Food Inc." and then had my kids watch it.  Not only did they have to watch it, they had to do a PowerPoint of their own making on the points they found to be the most important.  At the time, my children were 15, 15, 13, and 12; my 7 year old and 3 year old just had to listen as their siblings gave us their presentation.  After they each had shared their work, they ALL agreed that they were NEVER going to eat that stuff again.
     As a mother, I could have simply told them it was bad for them and they were "not allowed" to eat at those places.  The result of that would have been them sneaking off with friends to have the "forbidden fruit". By allowing them to do the research themselves, at their level, they were able to make educated decisions about the health of their bodies and what is "acceptable" to help sustain them.  They tell their friends and their parents trying to educate them.  What my kids have learned is that people do NOT want to know!  They want to be led around by the government and multimedia.  They WANT to believe whatever they are told by those in places of authority.  I am NOT one of those people!
     I WANT to know what I am putting in my body, and especially in the growing bodies of my children.  I don't care if I am called a "hippie" or "liberal"!  What I am is CONCERNED and trying to be EDUCATED! I get laughed at by people when they hear I have a husband of 17 years, 6 kids, 12 chickens (soon to be more), 4 ducks , 4 goats, 2 pigs, 2 cats and 3 dogs.   We are adding more chickens, rabbits, a few dairy goats, and 2-3 beef calves.  We also have our garden being prepared for Spring...by the pigs!  By the end of this year my family hopes to not have to "purchase" any of the major foods that people consume.  (I don't have the room to grow wheat, so we will still by flour and oats).  Our meats, dairy, fruits and vegetables will not travel hundred or thousands of miles to get to our table; they will come in from the yard!
     My ultimate goal is to limit or eliminate the external chemicals added to our bodies and lives on a daily basis.  I do NOT believe Alzheimer's, Autism, and the multitudes of cancers that are devastating our world are some freak of nature or chance occurance! Pesticides, GMO's and petroleum based "everything" are the keys.
     A few generations ago, when people actually still worked the land for food and not for corporate dividends, there was no such thing as Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADD or ADHD, OCD, or any of those easy to spit out letters.  People had problems, but NOTHING like today!  Our society's answer to any issue that arises is to chemically alter it!  Not me!!  Not this time!!  Not ever!!

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