Friday, February 8, 2013

Bittersweet day :/

     Well today started off pretty bad for me.  I got up this morning to find that my second son had not done his one and only chore, cleaning up the kitchen after dinner.  Now, he's 16 years old.  I completely understand that this is NOT on his list of "likes", but it is his responsibility.  Each child has one chore a day and it rotates.  Zack has the "classroom"; which means he cleans up and vacuums as needed.  Mack has the kitchen, but since he's in school all day he just has it after dinner.  Alley had dining room, which means she clears the table and vacuums.  Kay has the living room, so she makes sure the DVD's and games do not overrun the room, folds any laundry done, and vacuums.  Yes, I am somewhat OCD about the floors.  Maggie just keeps their bathroom cleaned up and stocked on toilet paper.  Bug, he's a pinch hitter.  He kicks in and helps with any little thing I find.  Now at the end of the week, on Saturday, it's PAYDAY!!  They 4 oldest get $25 a week, Maggie gets $5 and Bug gets 4 quarters for his bank!  This is if all chores were done by the time I go to bed.  If, upon my waking the day's previous chores were NOT accomplished, that day's money is forfeit.
     Soooo, Mack decided to load everything into the sink, a mile high...and then go to bed!  I had great plans for today and they did NOT include starting it off cleaning up the kitchen.  The Sister missionaries were coming to help with the electrical fence and  my posts came in at Lowes, so I could actually finish setting them. As it was, I cleaned the kitchen with the other kids' help, did a load of laundry, swept and Swiffered the laundry room and hall, all before the Sisters arrived.
     I took them out to meet our furry family members, and explain how the fence was supposed to go.  They put on the insulators while Zack and I got the wire out and ready.  After a while we had lunch!  Yummy homemade subs :D  Then we went back out and cleaned up the rest of the yard, rearranged pallets and crates, overall making a huge difference in the appearance of our yard.
     However, just before they got here, my husband called.  he was trying out his new BlueTooth headset.  In the US, commercial drivers cannot talk on the phone unless it is wireless, and 10 out of the 50 states do NOT allow phone usage at all while operating a commercial vehicle.  This greatly limited the times and duration of our phone calls.  Well he called to let me know his trainer had reworked their driving route and he could come home for a couple of hours tonight!!  I managed to keep it a surprise for the kids, but I was over the moon!!  It changed my mood and attitude instantly!  This WAS a great day!
     So I managed to help all the kids get their chores done, run to the store for dinner and get back.  Then I had to hurry back to town and pick him up!  His trainer held him for wanted a sackful of Krystal burgers or he wasn't going to let him get out!  I happily obliged and got my husband!!
     The kids were so happy and surprised!!  Squeals and giggles filled the air!  While dinner cooked in the oven, we grabbed a shower and had some quality time.  Then it was a full table for dinner and everyone talking and laughing and sharing things they seen, heard and done.  Kay made a German Chocolate for dessert.  Aaron and I went in our room and climbed in the bed.  It was time to just cuddle and chat.  He dozed off quickly, poor guy.  All clean, at home, his own comfy bed with a heated mattress pad, snuggled up next to was destined to happen!  Hahaha!  I just laid there, enjoying his presence and listening to him breathe.
     All to soon it was time for him to get his stuff ready and head back to the truck stop.  The kids all came out for hugs and good-byes.  Some had very sad faces, and even a tear or two.  We chatted on our way to town.  I had a few last minute questions, and basically I just wanted to hear his voice.  Now, I'm home.  I'm in our bed, and Bug just came in.  He told me that when he grows up, he's getting married, having kids so I can be the grandma and he can be the mommy, just like me!  So my night ends on a giggle and heart full of love!

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