Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Telling Tuesday...

     Well I took my midterms yesterday.  I felt pretty good about my psyc test, but not so great about my Spanish.  I know I would have done better if I had spent the last week studying instead of spending every waking moment with the love of my life.  I don't regret a single second!  If I died tomorrow I would NOT say, "I wish I had studied for that test!"  Instead I will say, "I'm so glad we had that time together!"
     I got home and Mack really wanted me to run him to Hobby Lobby to get para-cord.  I do NOT like to drive in the dark, but I did it for him.  Alley made hash brown nests for dinner, she got them off Pinterest. :)  Right after dinner I got horribly sick to my stomach.  I hurried and jumped into the bath tub.  In my family, the tub cures EVERYTHING!!  I stayed in for over an hour and still felt horrible.  I ended up being up until about 2:30 am feeling almost seasick.  (The one good thing about it was I read an entire Jude Devereaux book, cover to cover!)  I was finally able to relax and go to sleep after I moved to the foot of the bed.  I had Alley and Bug in Aaron's spot, and I felt almost claustrophobic!
     I got up and needed to run to TSC for goat feed, and grab some milk (can't WAIT for my cow!!), OJ and Ginger-Ale.  It was one of my quickest trips in Wal-mart.  LOL  I needed to get home and write my midterm essay for World Lit and have it submitted by 5:00 pm today.  Of course while I'm writing it the kids need 9,000+ things from me.  I did get it done before 4:30.  I do not like to wait that long to do it, and I had planned on doing it last night...but the universe had other plans for me.
     Tomorrow I have my psyc class.  We will go over the test. YAY!!!  Then it's the start of Spring Break for me!!  ;)  You would think I was packed and ready to head to Daytona, but no...it's just no mandatory assignments in a hover pattern above my head.  My plans are to finish the fence, clean and organize the house and finally get my cow!!
     Oh my gosh!!  Speaking of the farm animals, I watched a horrifying hidden video report today on the start of a battery chicken's life.  I knew they sexed chicks in hatcheries   What I did NOT know is what happens to the males on their hatch day, when the company sells females to commercial egg farms.  MercyForAnimals.org had hidden cameras in this business for 2 wks.  The worst part is this stuff is acceptable across the board for these hatcheries.  I have NO intention of becoming a vegetarian let alone a vegan as the end of this video suggests, but I am paying more attention to where our food comes from and how it is created AND processed.  The video states 150,000 males chickies are KILLED a day in their facility!!  Their only crime...hatching as a male!  There is no value in chickens that can't lay eggs, or so they say!
     I thought the hens had it rough in the conditions they live in at the egg farms, then these little tiny, fuzzy-butts don't make it past a few hours!  I do not buy commercial eggs anymore.  I may not be able to STOP these massive companies and their practices, but I will not condone them or HELP them buy purchasing their products.  I have 6 hens in my backyard, and 6 more in the brooder.  I feed them, love them and take care of them.  My reward is an egg a day, and I am GRATEFUL!!  This is the way it is supposed to be.  We love them, care for them and in return they provide for us, not mass producing and squeezing every last drop out of them.

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