Monday, February 11, 2013

Eggs and Soap :)

     Today started out with me being VERY tired.  Zackary came in late last nigh and told me that he knocked my side mirror by hitting a tree.  Bug had a rough night.  I was tired!
     It was pouring when I got up.  It's supposed to rain for the next 2 days!  I was tired.  I didn't see anything spectacular coming out of this day.  I left school early after a successful psyc class.  The kids texted to let me know that UPS dropped off not 1, not 2, but 3 packages for me!  I knew my incubator was scheduled to come in today, but the others were a surprise.  I had been shopping on this weekend, but I did NOT expect anything yet.  It was like a mini birthday party!!
     This is my first and BEST present of the day, week, month even the year!  (Ok, so we are only 5+ weeks into the year, and it leaves lots of room for improvement...but YAY!!!)  I tried to win one on the companies webpage in January, but that was a no go.  Then I knew it was on sale for $20 off the regular price, but I figured I would just wait because that was still a chunk of money!  Then, on Thursday, I was checking facebook and a post from their company popped up in front of me.  They were selling their demo models.  None of them had actually been used, just had pictures taken with them AND they were $60 off the regular price!!  I knew another deal like this was NOT going to happen any time soon, so I wrote them back immediately!!  They only had 2 and it was first come, first serve.  There was plenty of people that commented on the post that they had written them an email or message to buy it, but no reply from the company.  :(  Finally, while I was at Hobby Lobby on Friday morning I got a message that said I could call and place the order AND I was the FIRST one to respond!  LOL  I immediately called and ordered it and they shipped it out that day!!  Ta-da!!!
     Now I can order fertile eggs of different breeds that I wanted and it is MUCH cheaper to hatch the eggs than to buy the chickens; even one-3 day olds.  I want Silkies and Cochins and Black Copper Marans and Golden Sebrights!!  Thanks to this wonderful, fabulous machine and it's amazing company I can do this!  You just set the info in the top with the egg type and it sets the countdown to hatch day and automatically turns the eggs over at preset intervals.  It is AMAZING!!
     The other 2 packages were molds for my soap making.  They were the 3D jewels and music notes.  I wanted them to use them as inserts for bars of soap.  I got what I think is the last of soap making supplies today.  Well of the reusable stuff anyways.  I will need more Essential Oils (EO's), especially a different assortment of scents!  I do have more "gadgets coming, but at least I have the basics to practice with.
     I'm trying to be organized.  I really want to be able to do this and do it right.  For me there is a lot weighing on this.  My aunt has a condition that requires her to limit her contact with chemicals to bare necessities.  No one stops to think about the amount of chemicals they come in contact with on a daily basis. She has to be conscious of soap, shampoo, cleansers, air fresheners, deodorants and perfumes.  So I really want to make sweet smelling, yummy things she can use with little worry or fear.  Our family is very big on taking a bath.  We take one for a headache, stomach issues, muscle pain, or just to relieve stress.  The only thing better than a nice hot bath is a yummy/sweet/fun smelling bath!  I now know this can be achieved using no harsh chemicals that can be absorbed by the skin and has to be processed by the liver.  I don't want my kids to have to get to the point where the dr's are checking your bloodwork and levels to make them HAVE to pay attention to what is in the world around them.  I want them to KNOW now and make the best informed decision they can!  I don't want them to be an ostrich, nowadays the sand can be toxic!

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