Thursday, February 7, 2013

Propylene Glycol is EVERYWHERE!!

     I have been obsessed with soap making lately.  It was a fascinating interest over the last several years.  However, my usually stable, guiding force (my husband) is not around to distract me!  (I love you, honey!!)  It started as another creative experience I have yet to try and recently became more about what's IN the soap we all you use regularly.
     I have to admit that the girly-girly side of me LOVES all things that smell pretty!!  Sometimes, my greatest dilemma is WHICH smell to use!  LOL  I can get frustrated when I realize I can't mix them, or wear them ALL and STILL smell good!  I love the smell of my shampoo, but then there's the yummy body wash.  Don't forget the amazing smell of the deodorant, the funky-busy smell of hair products, finished off with perfume or body mist!  I'm amazed our noses haven't gone ADHD themselves, maybe twitching, sneezing, or even "running" off our faces!
     Then there's the news.  The never pleasant, always negative flood of information on topics we did NOT ask to hear about.  If you're like me and do NOT watch TV for the news or anything else, there's the Internet and more specifically, Facebook.  This is where kindhearted/sadistic people share the horror stories over and over and over and over again.  You literally cannot hide from information.  This is where I first heard of "Propylene Glycol" as anything other than anti-freeze.
     I typed "Propylene Glycol" into my best friend/worst enemy, GOOGLE and this is what it told me...
 So I clicked on the link that had a .gov ending since attending college taught me they are one of the few reliable sites for information.  This is what our government has to say about this common ingredient...

     Instead of trying to rephrase it or interpret it for you, I cut the entire page out and shared it; including their contact information. This is the link to the actual webpage (Here) This gets scary here.  It's used as a deicing solution (anti-freeze) which are we are warned regularly NOT to ingest, yet at the same time the Food & Drug Admin (FDA) has classified it as "generally recognized as safe" for use in food!  So which is it???
     It is used as a solvent in food, paint and plastics.  Now there's a set of groups I never thought I would see sharing ingredients!  You see from the top of the page the body systems negatively affected by this compound.  Let's look at a list of FOOD items that contain propylene glycol.  There are 15,339 products that we have access to that contain this compound.  I'll copy and paste the list and then add the link so you can actually click on each category to see if you personally recognize any of the products.  I'll warn you, the list is LONG.......

Here's the link for your own investigation (Here).
     Now I have seen a lot of the products listed on here, but I have not personally checked every one out.  I know my cake mixes, ice cream, and salad dressings have it.  I check labels like no tomorrow, now.  My kids do too.  
     I can understand how the government says it's "safe" in small amounts.  The companies generally use small amounts.  What is slipping right past everyone is the compilation of products we use in a day that has this compound.  As women, look at your regular day.  It's in your soap, shampoo, moisturizer, foundation, blush, sunscreen and lotion.  Then it's off to breakfast; muffins and even milk can contain it.  After you eat, it's in your toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorant and lip balm.  You haven't even left the house yet, and look how much your body has to process!!
     I'm not saying for us all to go psycho and ban/banish propylene glycol from the planet.  I'm just saying that we as consumers, not just customers that purchase it, but as people who CONSUME it, need to be aware.  Try to limit it.  Our livers and kidney are fantastic filters for foreign compounds that can harm us, but how much, over how long, can they do this??  Your car needs a new oil filter every 3000 miles or 3 months!! Your vehicle cost anywhere from $500-$150,000 and you make sure you don't put things into the engine that can harm it...your life is PRICELESS, isn't it worth even the minimal amount of consideration we give our cars??

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