Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sundays are not always "normal"

     Well it's Sunday morning and on any normal Sunday I would be sitting in Sunday school class.  This is not your normal Sunday.  I went to bed last night about 11:30.  Alley made our first batch of crock pot soap.  It's lavender/oatmeal/cream.  It smells just lovely.  I think we let it get a little too cool before putting it into the mold, it didn't settle well.  So it's back in the crock this morning after we cut it up into pieces.  :0)  Back to my Sunday...I watched some more soaping videos last night and went to sleep close to 1:00am.  Bug and Maggie were in my bed, and it was ok.  When I woke up this morning, Bug got up right behind me.  He said his tummy was hurting.  His face was very flushed, and when I touched his cheeks he was burning up.  I got the thermometer and his temp was 101.  Not a good way to start off any day!
     Bug just laid on the floor in my bedroom doorway until all the kids were ready to go to church.  I carried him out and buckled him in hid car seat. I dropped all the other kids off at church with 5 minutes to spare. :0D  Bug fell asleep in the car on our way home.  I put him on the couch and started cooking some navy beans and ham.  I don't know if we are going to have it for dinner or if I want to try to can it.  I told the girls last night that we could have breakfast for dinner tonight, so we'll see what everyone else wants.
     I also plan on cooking up a pot of spaghetti sauce.  I have it down for dinner tomorrow, but I might try to can that too or instead.  LOL  I still have 2 psychology quizzes that need to get done and studying for my Spanish midterm tomorrow.
     Slight change of plans.  I just checked on Bug.  His fever went up to 103.6!  So I got him some acetaminophen and cold Kool-aid.  Then I put on Spongebob Squarepants for him.  It's so sad because last night he was so excited to NOT be sick, and get to go to church!  Then this morning he's sick and can't go.
     I just took his temp again and we are 101.  Yay!!  Anything over 102 makes me very nervous.  Now he's comfy watching "Kung Fu Panda".  I am continuing my research into soap.  Right now I'm looking into the all natural versions of transparent/glycerin soap.  I keep finding recipes and they contain my arch nemesis, propylene glycol.  I have finally found a page or two that describes how to make it with alcohol and sugar instead of the chemicalized propylene glycol.  :)

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