Tuesday, March 11, 2014

To DIY Toothpaste...or Not!

*Please keep in mind, this is what works for me at my home. I am in NO way telling you to do it!! I am not a doctor, or a dentist. I am a Mother, Homemaker, and Homesteader. I am not trying to trick you. I am trying to give alternate possibilities to what society as a whole has become dependent on...MANUFACTURERS. I do this because I LOVE it. If you don't, that's ok with me! :) Happy and healthy days to you!

So after TONS of research and back and forth on the topic of BAKING SODA in toothpaste being too abrasive, or not...I decided it would be ok. :) This is of course taking into account that several toothpastes that are commercially made add baking soda!

There are many great pages out there with wonderful recipes, using different ingredients. I have seen toothpaste with bentonite clay:

, and others that do not.

There are some that use xylitol:

while others chose stevia:

and still more chose to not use a sweetener at all!

Some people add Vitamin E to extend the shelf life. Others will say it doesn't matter.

The key to DIY Toothpaste is the DIY or DO IT YOURSELF!

Here is my recipe:

  • 7 Tablespoons of calcium powder (or crushed calcium vitamins)
  • 5 Tablespoons of baking soda
  • 4 Tablespoons of coconut oil
  • 3 Tablespoons of distilled (non-chlorinated or fluoridated) water
  • 40 +/- Drops of Essential oils of your choice (ie: peppermint, spearmint, orange...etc)
  • 1/2 Teaspoon of Pink Himalayan salt

Many people are talking about how abrasive or damaging baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is. I found a site created by a dentist that breaks it down for us. Shelton Dentistry After reading his page, I am more certain than ever that my recipe is much safer for our teeth!

Some people say that coconut oil coats the teeth and prevents the minerals from being absorbed. The minerals in mine come from the pink salt :) Some people say to use this once or twice a week, while using plain water the other days. Others say it good to use the same as commercial toothpaste. I use it after oil pulling in the morning and then before bed.

Like I said earlier, if you find this disagreeable, just skip it! :) My previous page has some "Natural" toothpaste that you can buy if you prefer...No harm, No foul!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Fluoride: Super Hero or Super Villain??

I am pretty sure that most of us have been brushing our teeth for decades! I remember in 1st grade when the dental teams would come and give us all a lesson on brushing with GIANT teeth and a HUGE toothbrush! It was on of my favorite things in school. :D I loved the little tablets that you chewed up for a minute and swished around. When you spit it out and looked it showed all the places that you "missed" when you brushed. This was the coolest thing EVER!!

Now dentists have changed the "how to" brushing parts so many times I lost track. Brush from top to bottom on the upper teeth. Brush bottom upward on the lower teeth. Don't go side-to-side. Brush in circles, NOT up and down! How does a kid keep up??

Then their is the flavors of toothpaste :) My how they have changed since I was little. I remember Crest, AquaFresh and Colgate. Now, this is a sample of our choices:

The key was getting "fluoride". It was the superhero, zooming in to save kids' teeth all across the globe! It prevented decay, cavities and gingivitis!! These were as scary for parents as the boogey man was to us kids! You couldn't get enough and there was no such thing as too much! So they started putting fluoride in the water to "help" the kids who didn't brush.

It has been studied and found that there is too much of a good thing! Excessive fluoride is actually DAMAGING the very teeth it was supposed to save!

In 2010, a dentist and his team, Dr. Steven Levy, D.D.S. discovered "fluoride intakes during each of the first four years (of a child's life) were individually significantly related to fluorosis on maxillary central incisors, with the first year more important."(1) The study also showed "infant formulas reconstituted with higher fluoride water can provide 100 to 200 times more fluoride than breast milk, or cow's milk."(1) Children are using fluoridated toothpaste and drinking fluoridated water. Can you say, "OVERDOSE"??

There are serious health risks associated with fluoride. These include:

  • Reduced IQ levels
  • Cognitive damage
  • Impairs proper thyroid production
  • Debilitates the endocrine system (our hormone center)
  • Kidney disease
  • Bone cancer

I'm pretty sure that as parents, we have all read the baqck of the tube of toothpaste a few times...LOL Did you notice the part that says, WARNINGS Keep out of reach of children. That alone is enough to scare a parent! That's what the cleaning chemicals and medication say that! Then comes the scariest bit: If more than used for brushing is accidentally swallowed, get medical help or contact Poison Control Center right away.(2) REALLY?!?! We are supposed to put this in our children's mouths...at least TWICE a day?? I don't know about you, but I have had my fair share of little ones that LIKE toothpaste! They have tried to eat it like candy!!

Now, think about how much water you use in a day for your family.

  • Cooking
  • Drinks: Kool-Aid, Juice Concentrate, Water
  • Ice
How much fluoride are we actually giving them?? Doing what we are supposed to, are we causing them more harm??

My family has a personal well. We do not use city (fluoridated) water unless we are in town, such as friends or church activities. I am also switching us over to HOMEMADE TOOTHPASTE :D No one on this planet is going to force me to give my family anything (chemicals) that I do not want too! I have changed us over to chemical-FREE cleaning supplies, laundry supplies and bathing stuffs (soaps & shampoos). I feel like the SUPER HERO now!!

My next post will be about our new tooth cleaning system ;) *Stay tuned...

**It dawned on me while I was working outside today, that not everyone is quite so enthusiastic about DIY stuff. So I went ahead and looked up some already made "Natural" toothpastes for those that want the ease and no more hassle than ordering online! ;)

These are affiliate links. Ordering through them does NOT cost YOU any extra...EVER, but some jingles come our way! Thank you!!


(1) 2010 Levy Study: http://jada.ada.org/cgi/content/abstract/141/10/1190

(2) Crest Pro-Health toothpaste (tube)

Friday, March 7, 2014

Oil Pulling!?!

It sounds like some strange energy draining or torture activity thought up in medieval days...LOL Nope! It's actually quite interesting. I admit that it took me SEVERAL months of research before I got up the gumption to try it. :D Oil pulling has been around for a couple of millenia. Yup! 1,000's with an (s) of years! (Approximately 5,000!) The research has shown it to be effective, but we all know that no on eactually reads studies. It's what our family, friends and neighbors have to say that really counts! ;) So I kept checking my with my blogger "friends" and not only did more and more of them try it, but they kept resharing!

Now to the nitty-gritty! WHAT is OIL PULLING??
Simply it is swishing the oil of your choice around the inside of your mouth for...20 MINUTES!!

1st: I prefer organic coconut oil (yummy!)

2nd: 20 MINUTES?? Really? 20 MINUTES?!? Yep, no more - no less! 20 minutes gives the oil time to breakthrough and absorb all the "nasties" in your mouth (germs, bacteria & toxins)Swishing longer will allow the body to begin reabsoring the "nasties" from the oil. *gagging*

3rd: Spit it in the TRASH not the SINK!! (Especially a semi-solid oil like coconut oil.) It will solidify in the pipes and septic system. Ewwwwww!!

Now for the benefits or the reason to even try this:
  • Stronger muscles in the mouth and jaw (Eases TMJ)
  • Brighter teeth :D

  • No more BAD breath!
  • Removes the "nasties" for a healthier mouth!
  • Can help with headaches ;)

  • Eases sinus congestion
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Diabetes

The list goes on! It's not just for the nouth, but helps the entire BODY!

Like I said, I use organic coconut oil, but olive, sunflower or food grade sweet almond oil can do the trick. It takes 1-3 teaspoons (however much you are comfortable swishing around). I use 1 1/2-2 teaspoons. I set the timer on my phone and get on the computer, checking emails, Facebooking ;) and bill checking. It's amazing how quick the time goes by! It's quite interesting at my house. Since I have 5 out of the 6 kiddos at home we are getting very good at charades and sign language while I do this. LOL
  • So the first time I tried this, I scooped the still solid coconut oil out of the spoon right into my mouth. MISTAKE! I am quite a texture person and the soft/solid squishy-ness of the oil had me gagging! I was trying to move it around quickly to melt it. I did not lose the battle but learned a VALUABLE lesson!! I melt it first in a small plastic bag under hot water and then pour it! You can do this in the jug and just pour out the amount you prefer. I'm not going to suggest the microwave since we all know what that does! If you can handle it solid still, GO FOR IT!! Its very mild coconutty taste makes it pleasant in the morning. :)

These are some possible choices for use in oil pulling! Feel free to help yourself by clicking on any one and read the reviews :)

*These are affiliate links. It NEVER changes the price for you, but it does give me a little jingles towards the family ;) As always, THANK YOU!! & Keep Learning!!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

My Amazon Affiliate Search Box

This is a quick and easy way for me to help you and you to help me! Feel free to click the banner above! Every item purchased through this link does NOT cost you anything extra, but I get paid a little bit for sharing it! Thank you for helping my "Little Darlings".

Friday, October 25, 2013

More changes than just the weather!


    Today we got up to a wonderful temp of 37 degrees.  I guess Father Time forgot to let Mother Nature know it's only OCTOBER!  LOL  I don't care, I'm loving it!!  I got to turn on my heated mattress pad and snuggle in the warm blankets.  We have had a fire for the past 3 mornings.  I made Zack and Alex hot chocolate with marshmallows and Andes candies before I got them up.  I was a nice momma and fed all the animals before they got up too.

     Well, I decided to go back to school.  It's not like I don't have enough to do, or that I get bored.  I just feel like there's more I need to know and more I need to do!  I chose to go back to Colorado Technical University Online.  I excelled in their school with their format and it is A LOT more accomadting to my life and activities than Georgia Perimeter College was.

     My classes begin Nov. 17, 2013.  Classes ALWAYS begin on Sundays. I explained to my advisor that we do NOT do work of any kind on Sundays, including school.  I will begin either on Moday or get a head start on Friday the 15th when they open classes for us to look at the syllabus and task list.  Nothing can be submitted in those first 2 days, but I can DO the tasks and then submit them on Monday morning.

     I actually grew a new part of my brain.  Our internet usage is quite high due to schoolwork, research and the fact that we do not have cable means we watch our shows through Netflix or HuluPlus.  We had AT&T's biggest residential package which was $45 a month and said it was unlimited access.  Well our second month here we exceeded our allocated bandwith.  Apparently "unlimited" to me is not unlimited to the company.  It actually was 150GB with up to 50GB available in chunks for $10 for each "chunk".  We have consistently used 2-3 chunks a month for a year.  That made my internet bill $65-75 a month instead of the advertised $45.  Well I checked into their "small business" accounts.  Guess what??  They have a small business account for $45 a month and it TOTALLY unlimited!  Plus it's a direct-dedicated line!  :)  I put in the order and set it all up.  We have had great access, no more dropped signals and NO overages!!

     On the farm side, Dwayne was here for the boys' birthday weekend.  His family raises pigs and rabbits.  He explained that my pigs are not breeding simply because they live together and my boar cannot detect the elevated hormones because he's literally side-by-side with her 24/7.  So now Zack and I are going to work on the other garden fence and then move him over.  It will give them some space and hopefully he will get a little more sensitive to her.  Plus, we are getting 2 more pigs from Dwayne's grandpa in about a week or 2!!  These will be just for the freezer ;)

Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall is HERE!!

     With a full day of rain the day before, Autumn came whispering in.  I have to say it was very welcomed!  Autumn means sweaters, boots, hot chocolate and soups!  Our highs for the next 10 days are not supposed to exceed 81 degrees.  <3  Now for a bit of perspective...a friend woke up to SNOW on her porch this morning!  (Of course she does live in Alaska...LOL)

     Last week I successfully built a PVC chicken tractor.  Cindy-Loo said I could have her hens, and I wanted something to keep them safe in.  I wanted something I could move around the goat pen by myself, if I needed too.  My original design was using 2 x 4's.  I needed it to be 100 sq ft to hold a maximum of 10 full size chickens.  The wood design would be wayyyy to heavy for me to move, so it became PVC.  Zackary and I made a couple of trips to Lowes.  Alley came along a time or two.  It actually took a few days to get it done and that frustrated me!

     Well, the chickens seem to be happy and that's all that matters!!  Happy chickens=many eggs!!  I have been able to move it several times already by myself.  We have 7 Rhode Island Red hens and 1 Silkie rooster ;)  

     I was also able to use the last piece of fencing and patch a hole in the goats' pen.  It was nice to go out there in the morning and find them still inside and griping!  LOL  I love their little bleeting sounds <3

     Today I was able to get some Fall Cleaning done.  I scrubbed my back hall walls and floor.  ANyone who has kids, dogs, and cats AND lives in red clay can see where this is going.  My walls were orange from the floor up about 3 feet.   The dogs loved when it rained and filled our little duck pond...unfortunately they did NOT like staying outside!  Tail swishes and full body rubs along the walls, plus the kids that were chasing them and mid-wall collisions!  However, God bless Magic Erasers!!  My walls and floors are sparkling white and I did NOT have to repaint!  ;)  It is a good day in Georgia <3

Friday, September 6, 2013

Ordered new SOAP stuffs!

     I'm so excited you would think it was Christmas! Thanks to my wonderful husband, I was able to place an order for more soaping supplies.  I am trying out "Essential Depot".  I have seen several soapers using this company.  When I opened it up this morning after watching another beautiful soap creation made, I was in heaven!  They are having a great sale right now!  Any orders over $100 will get a $10 discount at checkout AND their essential oils are up to 30% off until midnight TONIGHT!  (Some I ordered were closer to 50% off!!)  I was able to greatly expand my scent collection.  I was having yummy smelling ideas as I was adding them to my order!  I can't wait to share with Alley!!

See what "Essential Depot" has to offer!!

This is what I ordered this time:

Essential Depot Items
        1 2 lbs Potassium Hydroxide Flakes KOH  @ $3.49 = $3.49
        1 Zinc Oxide Powder 1 lb.  @ $10.58 = $10.58
        1 Grapefruit Essential Oil - 1 oz  @ $6.24 = $6.24
        1 Lavender Essential Oil - 4 oz  @ $10.91 = $10.91
        1 Lemon Essential Oil -  4 oz  @ $10.11 = $10.11
        1 Lime Essential Oil - 4 oz  @ $15.01 = $15.01
        1 Pine Essential Oil - 4 oz.  @ $8.36 = $8.36
        1 Pumpkin Seed Oil - 1 oz.  @ $5.94 = $5.94
        1 Cedarwood Essential Oil - 1 oz  @ $5.14 = $5.14
        1 Cinnamon Essential Oil - 1 oz  @ $7.51 = $7.51
        1 Apple Green Fragrance Oil  - 4 oz.  @ $5.94 = $5.94
        1 Berry Breeze Fragrance Oil - 4 oz.  @ $5.35 = $5.35
        1 Bubblegum Fragrance Oil  - 4 oz.  @ $6.83 = $6.83
        1 Clean Cotton Fragrance Oil  - 4 oz.  @ $5.94 = $5.94
        1 Floral Bouquet Fragrance Oil  - 4 oz.  @ $5.94 = $5.94
        1 Floral Garden Fragrance Oil  - 4 oz.  @ $5.94 = $5.94
        1 Fresh Cut Grass Fragrance Oil - 4 oz.  @ $5.35 = $5.35
        1 Fruit Fantasia Fragrance Oil  - 4 oz.  @ $5.94 = $5.94
        1 Honey Dew Melon Fragrance Oil  - 4 oz.  @ $6.54 = $6.54
        1 Jasmine Fragrance Oil  - 4 oz.  @ $6.54 = $6.54
        1 Mango Madness Fragrance Oil  - 4 oz.  @ $6.54 = $6.54
        1 Musk Fragrance Oil  - 4 oz.  @ $5.94 = $5.94
        1 Sandalwood Fragrance Oil  - 4 oz.  @ $7.73 = $7.73
        1 Water Melon  Fragrance Oil  - 4 oz.  @ $5.94 = $5.94
        1 Sun & Sand Fragrance Oil  - 4 oz.  @ $5.94 = $5.94
        1 Strawberry Fragrance Oil  - 4 oz.  @ $5.94 = $5.94
        1 Rose Garden Fragrance Oil  - 4 oz.  @ $8.32 = $8.32
        1 Grape Fragrance Oil  - 4 oz.  @ $5.94 = $5.94
        1 Stearic Acid - Triple Pressed - White Flakes -  1 lb.  @ $4.99 = $4.99
        1 Almond Sweet Oil - 1 Quart - Free 5 oz. Sodium Hydroxide (YES - ADD FREE Lye) @ $14.97 = $14.97
        1 Glycerin Vegetable KOSHER USP - 1 Gallon - Not eligible for any promotions  @ $16.47 = $16.47

The possible smell combos are almost limitless!!  Plus I was finally able to order KOH flakes...to make liquid soap, like castille!  My house is going to smell heavenly from now until Christmas!!  Hahaha  It's just a matter of deciding on scents and mixtures then the fun part...making the soap!