Friday, October 25, 2013

More changes than just the weather!


    Today we got up to a wonderful temp of 37 degrees.  I guess Father Time forgot to let Mother Nature know it's only OCTOBER!  LOL  I don't care, I'm loving it!!  I got to turn on my heated mattress pad and snuggle in the warm blankets.  We have had a fire for the past 3 mornings.  I made Zack and Alex hot chocolate with marshmallows and Andes candies before I got them up.  I was a nice momma and fed all the animals before they got up too.

     Well, I decided to go back to school.  It's not like I don't have enough to do, or that I get bored.  I just feel like there's more I need to know and more I need to do!  I chose to go back to Colorado Technical University Online.  I excelled in their school with their format and it is A LOT more accomadting to my life and activities than Georgia Perimeter College was.

     My classes begin Nov. 17, 2013.  Classes ALWAYS begin on Sundays. I explained to my advisor that we do NOT do work of any kind on Sundays, including school.  I will begin either on Moday or get a head start on Friday the 15th when they open classes for us to look at the syllabus and task list.  Nothing can be submitted in those first 2 days, but I can DO the tasks and then submit them on Monday morning.

     I actually grew a new part of my brain.  Our internet usage is quite high due to schoolwork, research and the fact that we do not have cable means we watch our shows through Netflix or HuluPlus.  We had AT&T's biggest residential package which was $45 a month and said it was unlimited access.  Well our second month here we exceeded our allocated bandwith.  Apparently "unlimited" to me is not unlimited to the company.  It actually was 150GB with up to 50GB available in chunks for $10 for each "chunk".  We have consistently used 2-3 chunks a month for a year.  That made my internet bill $65-75 a month instead of the advertised $45.  Well I checked into their "small business" accounts.  Guess what??  They have a small business account for $45 a month and it TOTALLY unlimited!  Plus it's a direct-dedicated line!  :)  I put in the order and set it all up.  We have had great access, no more dropped signals and NO overages!!

     On the farm side, Dwayne was here for the boys' birthday weekend.  His family raises pigs and rabbits.  He explained that my pigs are not breeding simply because they live together and my boar cannot detect the elevated hormones because he's literally side-by-side with her 24/7.  So now Zack and I are going to work on the other garden fence and then move him over.  It will give them some space and hopefully he will get a little more sensitive to her.  Plus, we are getting 2 more pigs from Dwayne's grandpa in about a week or 2!!  These will be just for the freezer ;)

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