Friday, March 7, 2014

Oil Pulling!?!

It sounds like some strange energy draining or torture activity thought up in medieval days...LOL Nope! It's actually quite interesting. I admit that it took me SEVERAL months of research before I got up the gumption to try it. :D Oil pulling has been around for a couple of millenia. Yup! 1,000's with an (s) of years! (Approximately 5,000!) The research has shown it to be effective, but we all know that no on eactually reads studies. It's what our family, friends and neighbors have to say that really counts! ;) So I kept checking my with my blogger "friends" and not only did more and more of them try it, but they kept resharing!

Now to the nitty-gritty! WHAT is OIL PULLING??
Simply it is swishing the oil of your choice around the inside of your mouth for...20 MINUTES!!

1st: I prefer organic coconut oil (yummy!)

2nd: 20 MINUTES?? Really? 20 MINUTES?!? Yep, no more - no less! 20 minutes gives the oil time to breakthrough and absorb all the "nasties" in your mouth (germs, bacteria & toxins)Swishing longer will allow the body to begin reabsoring the "nasties" from the oil. *gagging*

3rd: Spit it in the TRASH not the SINK!! (Especially a semi-solid oil like coconut oil.) It will solidify in the pipes and septic system. Ewwwwww!!

Now for the benefits or the reason to even try this:
  • Stronger muscles in the mouth and jaw (Eases TMJ)
  • Brighter teeth :D

  • No more BAD breath!
  • Removes the "nasties" for a healthier mouth!
  • Can help with headaches ;)

  • Eases sinus congestion
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Diabetes

The list goes on! It's not just for the nouth, but helps the entire BODY!

Like I said, I use organic coconut oil, but olive, sunflower or food grade sweet almond oil can do the trick. It takes 1-3 teaspoons (however much you are comfortable swishing around). I use 1 1/2-2 teaspoons. I set the timer on my phone and get on the computer, checking emails, Facebooking ;) and bill checking. It's amazing how quick the time goes by! It's quite interesting at my house. Since I have 5 out of the 6 kiddos at home we are getting very good at charades and sign language while I do this. LOL
  • So the first time I tried this, I scooped the still solid coconut oil out of the spoon right into my mouth. MISTAKE! I am quite a texture person and the soft/solid squishy-ness of the oil had me gagging! I was trying to move it around quickly to melt it. I did not lose the battle but learned a VALUABLE lesson!! I melt it first in a small plastic bag under hot water and then pour it! You can do this in the jug and just pour out the amount you prefer. I'm not going to suggest the microwave since we all know what that does! If you can handle it solid still, GO FOR IT!! Its very mild coconutty taste makes it pleasant in the morning. :)

These are some possible choices for use in oil pulling! Feel free to help yourself by clicking on any one and read the reviews :)

*These are affiliate links. It NEVER changes the price for you, but it does give me a little jingles towards the family ;) As always, THANK YOU!! & Keep Learning!!

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