Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day 41 of 2013

     Today has been interesting.  I dropped off the four bigger kids at church.  Baby and Maggie stayed home sick.  I cleaned up the kitchen and started beans for dinner while working on my Spanish homework.  Soon enough it was time to go pick them up.  I got all the details about church.  Zackary gave his talk.  Mackenzie wanted his girl to come over after church, but due to a miscommunication that didn't happen.  Zane did come over and played Halo Risk with the boys.
     On the way home I shared a thought I had.  I told the kids that I would be willing to pay the winner of a race to see who could clean their room the fastest.  They didn't have to start at the same time, but I would keep track of the amount of time.  The room that fished fastest would split $20, the second place room would split $10 and the third place room would each get $1.  It was GREAT!  No fighting, no arguing, no postponing.  All three room were done before bedtime!  I can see the carpet AND furniture in each room!  :-D  Maggie and Bug won with a time of 53 mins.  Mackenzie and Zane came in second by 4 minutes.  Alley and Kay took 1 hr and 47 mins.
     I let Zackary drive Zane and Mackenzie to Zane's house to sleep because it is pouring rain.  When he returned he had to tell me that he knocked off the side mirror on my van.  He said that my van just slid down their muddy driveway.  I have to admit I totally freaked out!!  He felt really bad.  I finally explained that I wasn't actually angry, I was just in shock.  I'll check it out in the morning, before school...
     So, I finished my homework for the night with Alley laying by me.  I love my kids and I can only pray that I say it often enough that they KNOW it.
     I got to talk to Aaron twice today.  I miss him and he misses us.  It's hard for him.  He's lonely.  I hoped that his visit home would make things easier for him, but I just don't know.  I know that there are other families doing this and are ok with it.  Aaron and I have always been at our best when we are together.  Most couples want one or both to work, just so they have a break.  Aaron and I are good 24/7.  This month we will be together for 18 years!!  Married for 17!!  Holy Cow!!  He still makes my heart flutter <3

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